What our clients say about us

Duane Morgan

Pressiona Player since 2017

“I’d say that you guys are always available for me when I ever need anything or information and that you are very realistic with me about my future.”

Pressiona Player since 2017

“I would say that you are a very responsable group of guys who are all very dedicated to the players and the agency.
The agency makes sure each player feels that he is 100% taken care and the lines for communication are always open. I would say that communication is Pressiona’s strongest point when it comes to the relationship with the players.”

Charles Knowles

Charles KNOWLES,
Pressiona Player since 2017

“You guys are very accessible. You also care about the well being of players, always checking up on me and seeing how I am adjusting overseas. Most important, you show that you are interested in a player success, texting after games seeing how the game went and showcasing our success on social media. I am glad to be apart of you
guys agency.”


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