Sebas played pro basketball for more than 10 years in LEB Oro, until 2012, when he officially retired.
He played in the guard position and competed for the most part of his career in LEB Oro (Spain’s 2nd division).
When he retired, creating Pressiona just felt like the right thing to do in order to keep enjoying basketball and sharing his experience and contacts.
From his home in the island of La Palma, Sebas takes part in negotiating the agency’s players contracts and manages his broad range of contacts through Europe. He speaks Spanish and English.

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Pedro SALA

Perico has been one of the best PGs in the Spanish LEB Oro in his time. He competed in this league for 7 seasons, reaching the finals and winning it in the 2005-06 with CB Murcia.
In 2008, he understands that his experience can be beneficial for future generations of players and joins Sebas Arrocha in order to help players manage their professional careers. Pedro speaks Spanish and English.

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Carlos is from Seville, Spain but now lives in Angers, France.
He played professionally as a PG for more than 15 years in the ACB (Spain’s D1), LEB Oro (D2) and Bulgaria D1, where he also played FIBA EuroChallenge.
He then decided to keep competing in France, with clubs Quimper and then Angers (playing in NM1 – D3 and ProB – D2).
Upon retiring, it was impossible for him to abandon basketball, which is why he decided to become Pressiona’s third founding partner. He takes care of club relationships in France.

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Carlos is a basketball nerd… He played for ACB team CB Canarias junior team for 5 years, and has never liked anything else apart from basketball.
He started collaborating with Pressiona in 2017 in order to bring foreign players to Spain, now his scout and agent career is filled with success. Carlos is in charge of recruiting foreign talent and young Spanish prospects. He is also in charge of keeping close communication with the players at any time. He speaks Spanish, French and English.

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Abel is very passionate about basketball. He holds a professional coaching licence in Spain and leads a junior team close to Valencia. He takes care of scouting in Spain.

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Specialist in Dominican Republic basketball, Mairení is the ideal scout to analyze players from USA college leagues. He also works as an analyst for different TV and online shows (Dominicanos en NCAA, Donqueando and Un Fanatico Dice), that are all dedicated to dominican basketball players both in the country and younger players evolving in the USA.
He is based in the Dominican Republic and scouts through Latin and South America.

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Adrian LIND

Adrian is an professional player in all divisions around Germany (BBL, ProA, ProB) in the Center position between 2011 and 2020. He studied Sports Management and Marketing and now acts as our partner in Germany. He speaks German, English and Spanish.

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Marion speaks French, English and Spanish. She graduated in Multilingual Web Design at the University of Strasbourg and International Business at Savoie Mont Blanc University. Her language and technological knowledge help the agency stand out in our digital communication.
After spending 3 years in Spain, she is back in France taking care of Pressiona’s communication, social media and website, promoting our players’ talent.

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